Laerdal® CPR Pocket Mask


When space and weight restrictions allow the use of a CPR face mask to be carried in place of a CPR face shield Solxplore recommends it be done. Why? A superior seal, air delivery and oxygen delivery can benefit patient outcome during CPR. We’ve investigated other brands and they do not inspire the confidence this one does. This is the finest CPR face mask we have found. Read below to find out why.


The Curaplex Face Mask is the absolute best CPR face mask we have found. Why?

  1. Quality/Price – This mask is manufactured by Laerdal to their exacting standards. We’ve investigated other brands and they do not inspire the confidence this one does. Most rupture from extreme heat or cold.
  2. Environmental Ratings – This mask has been tested by the manufacturer and comes with environmental ratings of -40 (-40° F) to 50° C (122° F), which is one of the few manufactures that provides this testing.
  3. Filtration – The mask offers superior protection for both rescuer and victim, as it includes a low resistance, one-way valve with a disposable 3M Filtrete hydrophobic filter to help prevent the passage of liquids and secretions, a 99%+ viral and bacterial filter efficacy.
  4. Oxygen Inlet, Head Strap and Pre-filled Seal – The mask includes an O2 inlet and head strap that facilitate delivery of supplemental oxygen to non-breathing patients. Additionally, this allows the CPR mask to be used as a simple oxygen mask in your kit when space and weight are a concern. The cuff is pre-inflated for ease of application and a solid seal.
  5. Latex Free
It is appropriate for adult and child use.


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