Patagonia® “Don’t Buy This Jacket”

On black Friday, November 25th, 2011, Patagonia® ran an ad in the New York Times titled “Don’t Buy This Jacket.” It’s been read, discussed, argued about, pummeled and embraced all around the internet, coffee shops and belay stations around the country. The ad has been circulating through my mind since I read it. It’s caused me to slow down, question what is vital for me in my life pursuit(s), crucial in structuring my business and inspiring for my spirit.

I’m fortunate to have had adequate money to buy and good friends to hand-down the Patagonia gear I currently own. Two pieces are on me as I type, keeping my legs warm… not as though they need assistance currently, as they churn, shake and quake with the assistance of caffeine. One is under another shirt, sporting a few holes in the left arm courtesy of the Gauley River and a few hats are in my bag and a soft shell recently sewn by a good friend rests in my pack to keep me warm and pad my computer. Yet another article is getting the zipper replaced, thanks to Patagonia®. Others lie dormant in my suitcase, sad they are not floating through the light powder aboard a set of tele boards or sheltering me from waves crashing over the bow of my raft.

In short, if you don’t need something today, don’t buy it. If you buy it, put it to use in the beautiful land in which we dwell until it begins to evaporate from UV degradation, shred from ski edge encounters, river rocks and acquire wear marks as the result of hugs from those out in the world exploring with you.

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