Dirtbag Diaries – Post Emphatic Wilderness Disorder

“”When you’re in a crowded movie theater or stadium, do you nervously fidget and plot an escape route? Does setting foot in Costco or Wal-Mart cause you to blackout and crash into discount clothing racks?” asks Dean Fleming. If so, you may be suffering from Post-Emphatic Wilderness Disorder. Never heard of it? Dean walks you through the symptoms and three steps to help you cope with this recently diagnosed disorder.”

Story of my life Dean… story of my life. Living on the road, in vehicles, on rafts, out of backpacks, surrounded by beauty and partaking in experience and people filled with intensity has cultivated some unique characteristics in my personality. This self-sufficiency you’ve spoken of… ooh. Nicely worded short. Thanks.

All you outdoor peeps and all intrigued by the dirt-bags that lead you through rivers, mountains, deserts and the other beautiful spots of the world, listen to this podcast. Just follow the link below.


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