Of Souls + Water Episode 2: The Mother

This series, Of Souls + Water, embodies what went into the selection of the name Solxplore. Solxplore is about the exploration of our souls, our friends, our family, our limitations, our perceived strengths and weaknesses that arrive in our lives while physically exploring under el sol (spanish for sun.)

“I still have dreams. Dreams are being able to stay in the flow of life, to be able to move through the challenges that will always be thrown at us, not to shut down, to stay open to possibilities. Dreams are being able to nurture life, the unfolding of life, without hindering, controlling or exploiting.” – Melody Shapiro


My gratitude to Forge Motion Pictures out of Carbondale, CO for permission to repost their series. Visit them at forgemotionpictures.com to see some of their other amazing works.

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