Grand to Grand Ultra Preparations

We’ve been working hard to prep our new vehicle, “Terra” to work basecamp operations for the Grand to Grand Ultra, a 273 km/170 mile ultra-marathon beginning on the North rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona and finishing on the Grand Staircase of Escalante. Racers will be largely self-supported for 7 days in the impeccable scenery of Arizona and Utah.

Our role is to fill in the gaps for the tremendous staff and racers, by erecting low-impact basecamps for everyone to call home. To do so, Terra is equipped with four-wheel drive, raised suspension and off-road tires to contend with the diverse obstacles, sand and generally excruciating terrain the desert environment dishes out. When things go awry, Hi-lift® jacks and recovery gear allow her and others to get out of problem areas and back to work. Back-up batteries, solar panels and electrical connecters, combined with GoalZero solar generators allow her to satiate the power requirements of administrative staff take care of their work and racers stay in touch with their loved ones back home. A full quiver of tools and repair equipment allow us to problem-solve as challenges present themselves. Last, but not least Terra is always equipped with medical equipment and medically trained staff to help fix the problems that can happen in those environments.

If you need remote medical, rescue and logistics operations, as well as equipment for your race or adventure Solxplore is here to provide solutions.


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