Elements® Medical Kits

Elements® medical kits are designed, tested, and used by remote medical practitioners immersed in the world of outdoor leadership, remote medicine, and backcountry rescue.

You don’t need a different kit for all endeavors. You need one kit that can adapt to all endeavors! Elements® is lightweight, waterproof, adaptable, superbly functional, cost-effective and uses refined elements.

How do they work?

If you’re a river guide caring for the 3-8 people on your raft operating on a stretch of river within 30 minutes of Emergency Medical Services (EMS), then take the following with you:

Now, you have an overnight trip that changes your time from EMS to 4 hours, then add the following:

Next, you get some time off and are running the Grand Canyon. Since you’re the medical person with the most training and experience you’re put in charge of assembling the medical kit. You’ll have 16 people on the water for 14 days, where EMS can be several days away. The elements and modules of the kits remain the same! You just need to increase their quantity!

Remember, if you need help selecting the right kit, then contact us! Tell us what you’re doing, how many people you’ll be caring for and where you’re going/how far from professional emergency response and/or services.

All modules and kits are waterproof, accessible and lightweight. However, if you need to change the organziation then we offer packaging options!

Elements® Case Options:

  • 7.72 x 39 Ammo Cans
  • 50 cal Ammo Cans
  • Conterra® Super Organizer
  • Conterra® Deluxe Organizer
  • Pelican Cases

Next Steps

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